Photography and Marketing


From weddings to portraits, birth announcements to engagement sessions or special events, I’ve covered them all! Looking for quality photos of your business, or engaging social media photos of your restaurant? I am here! There’s no session to large or small. Below are a few examples of my work.




For the past three years, I have been working on marketing for small businesses on a regular basis. From restaurants to nail salons to the news outlets I work full time at. My results are proven: I have not only increased customer traffic and community outreach, but helped to bring businesses to new audiences.

image (5)

My marketing approach is two pronged: Create stunning visual designs and reach a target audience in any way possible. It’s simple, but produces the best, most efficient results.

On a freelance basis, I offer several services, including professional photography, social media organization and creative design, all for a very low and negotiable price. Each business is supplied a unique marketing plan, with options including full service help or a one-month how-to period.

Graphic Design


Please fill out the contact form below for inquiries or more information.


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